By Tara Stevens
November 25, 2020


The AmbeSleep official website promises you will “Sleep peacefully EVERY night or your money back guaranteed.” AmbeSleep is natural — not a drug — so is this result even possible?

Like you probably are, I was doubtful when I first read this daring statement, but through researching and reading reviews and testing the “guarantee” I found the truth about AmbeSleep.

After seeing what I found, you may be surprised. After all, what I discovered isn’t really all that common for sleep aids.

Keep reading to find out the truth about this all-natural sleep aid and discover if it can or cannot help you get the sleep you’re looking to get.

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Ingredients in AmbeSleep

Valerian root has been used to treat insomnia since second century A.D and is proven to improve sleep. [1]

Magnolia bark has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote sleep. Evidence is growing to support this use, says Andrew Weil, MD. In addition, magnolia bark relieves anxiety.

Melatonin regulates sleep cycles. The more melatonin you have, the sleepier you feel. Research shows that people who take melatonin fall asleep faster and sleep better. [2]

GABA is a neurotransmitter that calms the brain and plays a major role in sleep. By promoting relaxation, it enhances your ability to sleep.

Lavender reduces stress and sedates the mind and body naturally.

Chamomile is a great sleep remedy. Dr. Mehmet Oz says it works as a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer.

Hops is a mild stimulant. After taking hops, you’ll feel a small burst of energy. This is followed by feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Researchers say hops promotes sleep when combined with valerian root. [3]

Corydalis has a sleep-inducing effect on mice. Scientists suggest that it may work for humans too.

Passion flower was used by Native Americans as a sedative. It is also used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Passion flower may increase GABA, says the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Magnesium calms the nervous system and improves sleep quality. If you have trouble sleeping, you may be magnesium deficient.

Vitamin B6 is the sleep vitamin. If you don’t consume enough, insomnia is one symptom. Vitamin B6 makes serotonin, which induces sleepiness.

Zinc, melatonin, and magnesium enhance quality of sleep and reduce insomnia, a recent study shows. [4]

Is AmbeSleep Effective?

Many ingredients in AmbeSleep have been clinically proven. These promote relaxation and help you sleep. Not everyone responds to ingredients the same though. Many reviews said AmbeSleep works better than other sleeping pills. A few users said AmbeSleep didn’t work for them.

Overall, AmbeSleep is more effective than sleeping pills without proven ingredients.

Will AmbeSleep Cause Side Effects?

All the ingredients in AmbeSleep are natural. Many are proven to be safe as well. However, side effects might affect some users. These mild side effects may occur in the first week. Once your body adjusts to AmbeSleep, the side effects should stop.

AmbeSleep does not cause grogginess and fatigue. Rather, it uses natural ingredients to help you sleep better. These should not cause a “hangover.” This is one reason people prefer AmbeSleep over prescription sleeping pills.

How to Take AmbeSleep

One serving of AmbeSleep is 4 capsules. With 120 capsules per bottle, you’ll have a 30 day supply. It’s best to take AmbeSleep 45-60 minutes before bedtime. This gives the ingredients time to “kick in.”

For best results, set aside 6-8 hours for sleep every time you take AmbeSleep.

Because it’s natural, AmbeSleep may not work immediately. Continue taking it daily and you should get results within 1-3 weeks.

Buying AmbeSleep

AmbeSleep is very affordable! If you buy AmbeSleep from the official website, one bottle costs $29.95. If you buy two bottles, you get one free. The official website is the only site to offer a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

AmbeSleep is also available on for $25.95 and for $24.95.

Customer Service Info

Have questions about AmbeSleep? I’ve contacted customer service a few times. They are always helpful and respond quickly. Here are three contact methods:

• Live chat (on official website)
• Phone (888-808-4654)
• Email (

With chat, they usually respond within a few minutes. Email responses come within 24 hours.

Is AmbeSleep a Top Choice?

AmbeSleep has several proven ingredients. These safely and effectively help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. I think AmbeSleep is a top choice. However, it may not work for everyone. I highly recommend buying it from so you can get the guarantee.

So, will you go natural or prescription?

I think AmbeSleep is a great pick, but the choice is yours.

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