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By Tara Stevens
September 26, 2020



These days, it’s easy to find a pill to help you fall asleep. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to find one that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning. And yet that’s exactly what DeltaSom claims to do.

Using natural ingredients, DeltaSom is advertised to help you get to sleep fast without any side effects or grogginess in the morning.

There’s nothing worse that waking up to a full day of work on a half-empty battery, so I looked into DeltaSom myself to see if it could provide any relief.

DeltaSom Manufacturers

DeltaSom is manufactured by Best Life Herbals, a company based in Longwood, Florida. Best Life Herbals is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a D rating.

Reasons for the rating include BBB concern with the industry in which Best Life Herbals operates, insufficient background information on the company, and failure by the company to respond to requests for information.

Confusingly, on both the DeltaSom and Best Life Herbal websites, I found a Salt Lake City address for Best Life Herbals. However, a quick investigation of the address revealed that the address is actually home to a call center. This could be a call center contracted by Best Life Herbals, but it’s still misleading.

Knowing this, I’m keeping both eyes open as I continue to investigate DeltaSom.

DeltaSom Ingredients

DeltaSom contains more than 20 ingredients to help you get to sleep. I’ll go over the 5 ingredients included in the highest dosages so you know exactly how DeltaSom operates.

Calcium Aspartate (250 mg)

Calcium is necessary to convert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin and melatonin. These two neurotransmitters are necessary for calming nerve transmissions and relaxing both the body and the brain.

Valerian Root (250 mg)

Valerian root is commonly used to treat sleep disorders. It calms anxiety and limits the effects of psychological stress that can sometimes prevent sleep. Valerian also increases levels of “feel good” hormones in the brain.

Vitamin B-3 (100 mg)

Vitamin B-3 is one of several vitamins from the B-vitamin complex included in DeltaSom. There is limited evidence to suggest vitamin B-3 promotes sleep, but some believe it enhances REM sleep and limits insomnia’s effects.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (100 mg)

Like valerian root, GABA treats anxiety and other mental conditions that may impede sleep. Since the brain projects GABA at the onset of sleep, more GABA should help you get to sleep faster. However, there haven’t been extensive studies on this relationship.

Magnesium Aspartate (100 mg)

Magnesium calms the nerves and relaxes the muscles, slowing bodily functions and inducing sleep. It works especially well alongside calcium. Many insomniacs suffer from a magnesium deficiency.

These are high-quality—if common—sleep aid ingredients. I do appreciate the fact that unlike many sleep aids, DeltaSom lists all ingredients with their individual amounts.

How to Use DeltaSom

Best Life Herbals recommends taking just 2 capsules 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. After that, you should not try to drive or operate machinery.

Unfortunately, there are few real DeltaSom customer reviews online so it’s hard to tell if this is the optimal dosage. In general, I recommend starting with just one capsule to test its effects before working up to the full dosage.

DeltaSom Pricing Information

DeltaSom is available for $23.76 for a bottle of 60 capsules. There are discounts for multiple orders available, but there are not discounts on third-party websites.

This is a reasonable price with a money-back guarantee, but when a product isn’t available from other sellers, I wonder about its popularity and effectiveness.

If you do want to try DeltaSom, you can order at The website offers secure ordering but the layout and tone is a little lurid and unprofessional.

DeltaSom Recommendation

There’s nothing really unique about DeltaSom. It contains some decent ingredients and is listed for a reasonable price, but there are more effective sleep aids out there.

I don’t think you’ll be unhappy with DeltaSom, but I do think you’d be happier with a sleep aid that had a more reliable reputation.

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September 26, 2020