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By Tara Stevens
September 26, 2020



Rozerem has been getting a lot of attention in the sleep aid industry. It claims to promote sleep by working with the body’s internal clock. Rozerem is not supposed to make you feel drowsy during the day. If these claims are true, Rozerem could be the solution to the worst sleeping problems.

However, I can’t help but have some doubts. Nearly every sleep aid promises similar effects, and they rarely live up to their claims.

Will Rozerem work, or is it just another inadequate sleeping pill?

Who Manufactures Rozerem?

Rozerem is made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc. The company was founded in 1998 and, according to their website, is “among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the United States.”

Takeda Pharmaceuticals also claims, “Improving the lives of patients is at the center of everything we do…by striving toward better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in medicine.”

I wanted to know more about Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ actual business practices, so I looked into the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau. Oddly enough, there are three file entries for Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc.

One of the files was opened in 2005 and gives the company an A+ rating. However, the other two files both give Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc. F ratings. These failing ratings stand out to me because they are more recent. One was opened on October 14, 2009, and the other was opened on June 7, 2012.

It worries me that there are multiple files on Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc. because shady health supplement companies often try to maintain credibility by changing their contact information. The most recent files only list 1-800 phone numbers and P.O. boxes as their addresses, neither of which inspire a lot of confidence in the company.

What Ingredients are in Rozerem?

Rozerem is a prescription sleep aid, so it will probably contain strong ingredients not found in over-the-counter products. However, prescription-strength ingredients don’t always guarantee efficiency, so let’s take a closer look.

Ramelteon treats insomnia by slowing the central nervous system. As the central nervous system decelerates, you will fall asleep faster and sleep throughout the entire night.

Lactose Monohydrate
Lactose monohydrate is a natural sugar found in dairy products. Dairy products have been known to improve sleeping habits, but lactose monohydrate has not been proven to treat sleeping problems on its own.

Magnesium Stearate
Magnesium brings about deeper, higher-quality sleep. The body doesn’t enter the deepest sleep stages if it doesn’t have enough magnesium.

Hypromellose is a lubricant used to treat dry, irritated eyes. There is no evidence it treats sleeping problems.

Rozerem Formula Analysis

I like that Rozerem includes ramelteon because it brings about real results and will eliminate sleeping problems. I also like its inclusion of magnesium stearate because the body needs magnesium in order to get proper sleep.

However, I’m not impressed with unproven ingredients like lactose monohydrate and hypromellose. These filler ingredients will not have any effect on your sleeping habits.

Additionally, the ingredients’ dosages are nowhere to be found. This worries me because if the consumer doesn’t know each ingredient’s exact amount, they could experience unpleasant side effects or unknowingly use an ineffective product.

Potential Side Effects

Rozerem may cause the following side effects:

• Decreased sex drive
• Infertility
• Dizziness
• Daytime fatigue
• Nausea
• Exacerbated insomnia

The Rozerem website says, “Worsening of depression, suicidal thoughts and completed suicides, hallucinations, and nightmares can occur with Rozerem.” These side effects definitely make me think twice about recommending this sleep aid.

Rozerem also says you may experience a sleepwalking sensation during the day and not remember your actions.

How to Buy Rozerem

Generally, consumers need a prescription to purchase Rozerem. However, you can order it without a prescription from for $169.00.

You can also purchase Rozerem without a prescription from for $184.42. I don’t recommend purchasing it from these sites, however, because you definitely need to consult a doctor before using prescription medications.

Rozerem: Yes or No?

I do not recommend Rozerem.

There is not enough information about its formula, and it may cause some extremely dangerous side effects—including insomnia, the problem users are trying to cure! Clearly Rozerem is not an ideal sleep aid.

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September 26, 2020